Top Wedding Trends in Pakistan

Pakistanis are known to be most festive people out there. We hold great pride in the fact that our functions are arranged with great attention to detail and a lot of heart having been put into their preparation. While Pakistanis can’t pick a favorite function, the entire shadi season gets a lot of attention. With all those hip dance numbers and ethnically aesthetic henna designs, here are the top wedding trends in Pakistan that really breathe life into the event.

  1. Formal Wedding Invites

We all eagerly wait for the wedding invitation to slide under the door so that it can be made official that yes, we are indeed going to this thing. Traditional wedding cards with mandalas and other stylized fonts, however, are quickly being replaced with minimalistic, modern-looking wedding invitations that are both elegant and classic.

  1. Innovative Mehndi Designs

While henna tattoos have been a staple for Pakistani weddings, they have certainly accumulated a lot of buzz this year with more and more innovative designs surfacing. Most brides and bridesmaids go for classy yet minimalistic designs today that go well with their shimmering lehngas and ghararas. Simple designs and chic patterns are slowly overtaking the mesh of intricate patterns as of late but, of course, you always have that one traditional bride whose entire arms will be covered with the most beautiful details one can ever imagine.

  1. Bridal Showers

While this trend is relatively new and not exactly mandatory during Pakistani weddings, a lot of millennials have started organizing and pulling off some really fun bridal showers. They get the friends together, arrange for a beautiful cake to be made, wrap some presents, and have themselves a bridal shower with synchronized and color-coordinated outfits as well as interactive photo booths among many other things.

  1. The Wedding Movie

With technology evolving with each passing year, so are the domains in which these technologies are applied. Gone are the days of shaky wedding videos where the cameraman would catch you wolfing down a chicken leg at a very unflattering angle. Now, proper photography and videography ventures cover weddings professionally and elegantly. In some cases, drone cameras are employed to get an aerial view of the wedding venue and all these creative shots come together to form a truly exciting and memorable shadi movie.

  1. Floral Decorations

While floral aesthetics are hugely popular in the Pakistani wedding scene, this year, the trend has shifted towards only specific parts of the venue being adorned with flowers. These may be floral ceilings or floral walls among other things. These special decorations go really well with the shadi attire and formal look the guests worked so hard to achieve and make for some memorable photographs.

  1. Dance Floors

Dance numbers have been extremely popular in the Pakistani wedding circuit with the friends and cousins of the bride and groom preparing exquisite dance routines to show off on the stage of the Mehndi or the dholki. The trend has shifted to dedicated dance floors with mood lighting and themed décor to complement the dances. These are truly a sight to see with playfully fierce rivalries at play and the amazing dance performances that steal everyone’s hearts.

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