A Guide on How to Prepare for Your Wedding

With the wedding season right around the corner, most brides-to-be and their families are fully immersed in preparing to make the whole affair as perfect as possible.

A wedding marks an irreversible change in a person’s life, which is why everyone wants their wedding tailored to pan out just the way they want it to be. From the bride’s dress to the decor on the tables, every little detail needs to be taken care of and that too in a satisfactory manner. In Pakistan, weddings are a momentous occasion requiring immense planning. If you are about to embark on the journey of organizing a wedding, whether your own or another relative’s, the task might seem extremely daunting to you. To make it easier, here’s a guide to take you through the process step by step.


Decide on the Venue

In Pakistan, there is no scarcity of wedding halls and banquets but finding the right one at the right time isn’t as easy as it sounds. The most fitting venues often have waiting lists but by booking well in advance of the wedding date, you can save yourself the uncertainty of having to wait for a slot to open up. Before deciding on a venue, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind, the first of these being the guest list. Can your venue accommodate all your guests without feeling crammed?

Additionally, you should try to find a venue which is at a relatively short distance from the bride’s and groom’s houses. This may not always be possible but it’s the most practical and safest option.


Find Catering Services

Let’s be honest – in Pakistan, most people attend weddings for the food so you don’t want to disappoint all those who come to support you on your big day. Again, owing to the massive demand, there are innumerable caterers available, however, you need to conduct a thorough research before deciding who to hire.

Sample at least two or three services and ask them to give you quotes based on the quantity and menu. You can then make your decision accordingly. Don’t rush with this decision as the food will play a major role in how your event will turn out.


Take Care of the Décor

When you’re getting married, you have an idea in your head of how things should be and what the venue should look like. To achieve this, you need to find the best decorators in town.

Every decorator may not be able to give you what you need but keep looking and you will eventually find the right fit. You can go with one decorator for all the events or hire a separate one for each to ensure there are different looks to every event that you are planning.


Take-Home Message

The list above doesn’t contain everything that needs to be done but it does mention the major things you need to take care of. And here is some good news – instead of running around all over the city trying to find and book services and buy wedding essentials, you can head on over to the Wedding Expo that is about to be held very soon! Organized by Shaadi Organization Pakistan, the expo will see a wide variety of large businesses and small ventures exhibiting their products and services to choose from, making the process of organizing a wedding infinitely easier for you. We guarantee an experience you will never forget!

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