Shaadi Shopping Tips and Tricks

Are you about to get married? Is the stress of the task of planning taking a toll on your nerves? Or are you excited to tackle this challenge head on? Either way, we’re here to help you out.

A wedding isn’t just any event – it is one which needs meticulous planning to ensure that nothing goes wrong on the big day (or ‘days,’ counting the mayun, nikkah, and mehendi you need to organize among other things). There are innumerable things which need to be taken care of but let’s discuss some of the major ones that need your special attention – shopping for the essentials.


Your Wardrobe

When it comes to Pakistani weddings, the bride doesn’t just have to worry about her Shaadi dress. She has to plan out a whole wardrobe which consists of the clothes she will wear during her minor events, namely Dholki, Mehendi, Mayun and Nikkah. These dresses are ones which require special attention so you need to start shopping for them at least six months prior. If you have decided on the colors and style of your dresses before you start shopping, the process will become much easier.

Other than the clothes you need for your events, a bride also normally takes a significant number of clothes with her as part of her dowry. These are normally formals and semi-formals, considering how you plan to attend a host of dinners once you’re married.


Your Jewelry

The accessories that you wear during your wedding events are also of paramount importance.

The wedding set that you will wear on the day of the Shaadi should be at the top of the list as it will take a considerable amount of time for the jeweler to fashion it. Again, you need to keep your minor events in mind too and order jewelry for each one.

Buying gold wedding sets is a luxury many can’t afford. Owing to this, artificial jewelers have sprung up everywhere, designing sets which look like the real thing and don’t compromise on aesthetics. If you feel that spending large amounts of cash on jewelry is not an option, you always have a backup solution.


Your Makeup Artist

Nearly every female can attest to the strong power makeup has when it comes to making one feel beautiful. This power increases multifold on a woman’s wedding day. You don’t want to end up crying in the bridal room before going onto the stage because of how your makeup turned out.

I can’t stress enough on finding the right makeup artist for your big day. Though you will also need to find someone for your minor events, you really need to focus on choosing the right beautician for your Shaadi and Valima. Fortunately for brides in Pakistan, makeup artists have not only risen in number but also in talent, thus ensuring that you can find someone who fits your expectations perfectly.


Where to Begin?

If you are confused as to where to start your shopping from, we don’t blame you. Instead, we make the planning task easier for you. Make sure you attend the Wedding Expo being arranged by Shaadi Organization Pakistan. There, you will be able to find all the products and services you need to ensure your wedding lacks for nothing.

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